Disc Jockey

Every occasion is unique, whether it’s a Wedding, Party, Dance or any of the many other reasons to have a DJ. You want a Disc Jockey that has the ability to read the crowd and play the music you and your guests want to dance to. Here with Sound Wave Digital DJ Service, we are not a cookie cutter DJ that plays exactly the same songs in the same order at every event, we know how different each and every group of people are and we’re able to customize the music for these diverse crowds and make it a day that everyone will remember.

We have nearly 25,000 songs in our library of music so chances are pretty high that we will have the perfect music for you and your guests. We also have a full set of lights which are used at no additional charge if you would like lights at your event. We use a wireless microphone so we’re able to break down that invisible wall many Disc Jockeys build between them and the crowd and get right out there with you and your guests.


We offer lighting at every event for no additional charge. Being able to switch the lighting throughout the evening helps to set the mood for the type of music being played. Our light show is almost 100% LED so they last longer and we do not have to worry about the heat beating down on you while dancing that we used to get from conventional light bulbs.

Your Name in Lights

We have recently added a Gobo projector so we can project your name in lights onto the wall, ceiling, or floor. You tell us what you want your custom design to say and we will get you a proof to make sure everything is perfect. There are many options for the design, we are able to have text or a photo and we can project it in white, blue, yellow, red or green.


No matter who you ask, when you ask a bride and groom to describe their perfect wedding, you will get different answers in almost every instance. There are so many options available and that’s what helps to make the wedding yours. Some people want to have the good old fashioned wedding favorites like the Chicken Dance and Hokey Pokey. Whereas other people want more line dances. One couple might ask for only Country music to be played at their reception and another couple might ask for only Rap music. The bouquet and garter toss is still a staple at many wedding receptions and some brides and grooms would rather not have it. Yet others look forward to the bouquet and garter toss more than anything else. When it comes to music we look at it that same way - no two wedding receptions are identical.

We sit down with the bride and groom a few weeks before their wedding and finalize all the options. We go over everything from which song the bride and groom wants as their Grand Entrance song to which dances they want to have. We even touch on what music or songs they do not want played. Some brides and grooms are very specific and give us a list of 50 or 60 songs they would like to hear. Whereas some are less hands on when it comes to songs and give us a small list and let us do what we do. No matter how big or small your group is, we will create your custom soundtrack!


We try to keep our prices very reasonable for the equipment and experience we have. Lights are included in the price and there is no additional charge for the DJ to interact with your guests. We feel everyone deserves these types of things without having to pay extra. That said, please contact us either by phone (734) 819-3418 or via the contact page for pricing and any other questions you may have.